Keiya was a gifted writer and poet. During her journey with cancer, she lovingly captured her experiences and thoughts in writings that speak to the heart of suffering, transformation and release. She compiled these into a book she called, "The Gift of Cancer: An Awakening into Love and Light," from which the following poems come.

For the daring Truth seekers who are facing Disease

May you be humble.
Bear down low,
Beyond that which you could imagine.

May you come to a place
Where you give up all that you know.
And accept everything.

May you receive the Love,
The timely resources,
And the courage it takes
To respectfully listen to all
You do not want to hear.
May you allow this.
Simply allow this-
All you fear
All you despise
While you hold and are held in the Loving.

May your tears of sadness and anger
Be free to connect with your cheeks.

May you allow your greatest enemy
To come into your heart
Until you may see clearly.

May you allow the Wisdom
Of your mother, your body
To flow into your awareness
As you grow in quiet Compassion.

May you allow your mother, your body
To heal you back to wholeness,
To nourish you in ways, so profound.

Most importantly,
May you forgive yourself
For relentlessly clinging onto
The vast array of contaminants and toxins
In your mind and your body and through all your relationships-
The gross and the subtle.
The seen and unseen.

May you see that you are doing
The best you can in this hour.
May you accept that there are no mistakes-
Only opportunities to learn,
To love
More fully.
More deeply.

May you expand in your capacity to take full Response-ability
For all that you experience.
Peace in the disturbances,
Inspiration and selflessness in the Joy,
Sustenance in the Loving.

May you trust that all you need right now
Is in this very moment.

May you discover true Love within your Heart,
Beyond your wildest dreams.

May you awaken and sustain
In this true loving.

For there.. you are:

The mysterious Peace.
The unspeakable Nourishment,
Of all wild places existing on this planet..
And you, of all the clear starry skies above them-
Woven as one..
Gleaming light through your eyes
Like the rivers twinkling light
Back upon Grandmother moon
Beaming deep into the quiet night skies.

May you remember this:

No matter what has happened-
No matter what is happening-
No matter what happens-

You are wholeness.
You are preciousness.
You are true loving-