Keiya was a gifted writer and poet. During her journey with cancer, she lovingly captured her experiences and thoughts in writings that speak to the heart of suffering, transformation and release. She compiled these into a book she called, "The Gift of Cancer: An Awakening into Love and Light," from which the following poems come.

Peace Prayer

Lord, God, Great Divine Spirit

Break me of all these illusions
Of Human Mind.
Gently and lovingly with your Light,
Move my consciousness
Into the Holy Mystery
That I Am.

I am walking through this world,
In this body, on a road
Where the mother mountains
Have just engulfed the Setting Father Sun-
And the skies are mirroring
The Brilliance and Beauty
Of this transcendence
Into Night.

I am filled with such Peace
With the mystery beyond.

Let the heavens fall
With the stars as I sleep
On this night.
Let the heavens fall
Upon the earth
Through this grace-

And into this sacred body.
Let this body, the Earth, every cell born
Open wide to the heavens.

Let peace and harmony reign
This earthen plane.

Let me see the eminence
Of the golden rivers
And webs
And dreams
Of the Divine.
And let these dreams
Manifest in body and mind
Through movement
Born in image, thought and sound.

I am your granddaughter, your sister, your mother
And your lover.
Take my hand in this night.
Let us bring upon the healing,
And upliftment of humanity,
In wholeness and grace.

Let us restore our family-
In breath.
In harmony.

I am receiving you, Lord-
In the call,
In my calling to you
As I step into the mystery
In this body,
Through this body,
On this road.

I receive you, Lord
With open wings
And with a heart of golden light.

In this seed of thought
In this Ocean Mind